School of Graduate Studies

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Alcorn State University


Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions on this survey to give us feedback.  For each item identified below, check the answer to the right that best fits your judgment of the quality of service we have provided. 



Exceeded my Expectations

Met my  Expectations

Did Not Meet my Expectations

When contacting the Graduate Office, I have not had any difficulty getting through to the right person.

Graduate personnel were courteous and friendly.

Office staff cared about and understood my needs and concerns.

Service delivery was timely and responsive.

Graduate personnel were able to assist me or direct me to the appropriate source.

All communications and transactions were handled in a professional manner.

Accessibility, including staff, resources, facilities, hours of operation, was adequate.

Printed information I received about Graduate Studies was accurate and helpful.

Please provide suggestions or comments for ways we can better serve your needs and/or improve the School of Graduate services to the public.